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Virtcom Consulting

BioVirt LA

Maestro Sports and Entertainment

Virtcom Consulting is one of the world's leading Human Resources and Diversity Management Consultancies, dedicated to driving business value via data systems analytics. 

BioVirt LA is one of America's leading new biofuels companies in the process of building "Urban mobile" biodiesel plants in major metropolitan areas starting with LA, outside of the US Midwest.

Maestro Sports and Entertainment is the newest BioVirt company leveraging the relationships and innovation of BVLA and VC, to acquire stakes in emerging sports entertainment content plays, with untapped global audiences. MSE is inspired by Maestro Paul Freeman, America's Grammy-award winning African American Symphony Conductor, who is the only African American to serve as Chief Conductor of a Major Canadian Symphony (Victoria Canada), US Symphony (Chicago, USA) and European Symphony (Prague, Czech Republic).  MSE is in the process of acquiring minority stakes in the Amarillo Venom of the Champions Indoor Football League and the Pacific FC of the Canadian Premier League of Soccer. MSE is also in the process of unveiling AI: The Athletes Incubator™- the first of its kind accelerator for professional athletes' business opportunities.

BioVirt LLC

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