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Douglas C. Freeman, CEO 

Douglas C. Freeman is the Founder and CEO of BioVirt LLC, a holding  company with 3 major core organizations in its portfolio:

Virtcom Consulting
BioVirt LA
Maestro Sports and Entertainment

BioVirt LA is focused on the production of biodiesel, utilizing the patent-pending BioMax© technology manufacturing platform. This pioneering approach delivers business model profits on a factor of 10 to 15 times greater than industry competitors. The company’s first factory location is in the heart of the renewable energy revolution, in California (Los Angeles), located in a pre-dominantly Hispanic and new immigrant section of the city. The quadruple bottom-line approach of the 4Ps (People, Profit, Philanthropy, Planet) is the foundation for building a unique workplace culture of inclusion, engagement and high performance.

Prior to founding BioVirt, Mr. Freeman was the CEO and founder of the World’s first professional services consultancy dedicated to the transformation of traditional HR functions into living, breathing, “Profit Centers,” by leveraging corporate diversity initiatives (Virtcom Consulting). The firm developed a proprietary business intelligence tool, d-ROI™ which utilizes over 500 data points to identify overlooked HR cost-savings opportunities.

As a bonus, the d-ROI™ process can also be applied to overlooked Human Capital-driven marketplace opportunities, involving significant revenue opportunities, particularly in the RFP and Sales operation functions.

As of 2019, the d-ROI™ analytic tool has resulted in cost-savings and revenue monetization of nearly $2.87B, with the world’s leading corporations and brands- from Visa to Amway. With such tremendous impact, the product is in the process of a scaled expansion to over 600 new clients, via a strategic partnership with HR ERP provider Epic Software.

Mr. Freeman formerly served as Vice Chairman of the United Nations Gender Equality Experts Panel and was named a 40Under40 business leader by the NYC Network Journal. 

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