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4Ps Approach

The 4Ps is not only the most socially responsible business model, but our data analysts have statistically proven the Quantum leap impact to growth and investor returns. The 4Ps are Planet, Profit, People and Philanthropy. We leverage Planet through our environmentally responsible investments; Profit the core of everything we do; People by unleashing the high potential of all untapped rural and urban diverse talent, including service disabled Veterans; Philanthropy via volunteerism, resources and hard dollar investment in the communities we live in and serve

Example Portfolio Company

Virtcom Consulting HR Professional Services has been a bedrock organization in the B.V. Portfolio. With a mere seed investment, the firm received a large minority investment from a  publicly-traded company within 18 months of original B.V. investment. Additionally, VC's patented business model d-ROI has generated over $2.9B in proven hard-dollar value for the world's leading brands from Visa to Adecco, Blackberry, Lifespan, Amway and the United States Airforce

2019 and Beyond

With tremendous levels of capital positioned for US and Global Deployment, B.V. will aggressively acquire foundational companies in the Renewables (specifically BIOFUELS space) along with other solid investments. B.V. kicks off 2018 with a deep-dive into one of the core biofuel sectors of biodiesel, which is in dire need of process redesign and supply-chain innovation. B.V. estimates productivity and innovation improvements in the range of 52 plus cents per gallon of profit versus current profit levels. 

Hybrid Investor/Operator

B.V. leadership hails from the world's leading educational  institutions (Berkeley, Harvard,  Oxford Universities), premier Investment Banking institutions (Merrill Lynch, BofA, JPMorgan Chase) and most renowned strategy consulting firms (McKinsey, Monitor, Deloitte). These collective experiences inform a financial turn around expertise, combined with a lean, process  and business re-engineering mindset

Our Mission

To be the world's leading investor/operator in fundamental industries, by leveraging "Next Practice," Socially Responsible business techniques. 

Our worldview is post-National, and relies upon sophisticated, bias-free data modeling, Artificial and Business intelligence tools. The result has been investor returns that have exceeded the world's best-known investment managers, hedge-funds and corporate operators. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

I met B.V. Years ago at a big conference, where they were discussing a new model of business efficiency related to one of their HR Professional Services Company investments. That talk and their subsequent engagement helped me to drive over $120M in combined cost-savings and revenue growth

William Rolack, Senior Director- MLB

Connect With Us


708 3rd Avenue- 6th floor
New York, New York 10117


(917) 858-9090


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
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